How to set up cash app direct deposit

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How to set up cash app direct deposit

Are you looking for how to send direct deposits into your cash app account? You will need your bank account and routing number to be able to achieve this. Once you have these details, log into your cash app account and follow the following steps.

To set up cash app direct deposit:

  1. Locate the Banking tab on the Cash App main screen
  2. Choose/click/tap “Deposits & Transfers”
  3. Choose/click/tap “Copy Account Details”
  4. Enter your bank account & routing numbers when you are prompted for a bank account while setting up the cash app direct deposit.


Do you still need more help? Our teams at are ready to assist you to set up the direct deposit.

With this option, people are served with the flexibility to deposit tax returns, and paychecks into their Cash App accounts and check their account balances.

Using cash app, you are guaranteed of receiving all your deposits within two days, which is earlier than what our competitors offer.

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